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My top issues are noted, for more information or discuss matters further I welcome you to contact me directly.

School Safety

“Creating and maintaining a positive school climate is paramount to enhancing student safety. Additionally, updating and implementing physical safety measures and professional trainings are necessary in order to see effective safety practices in all school settings.”  

One of the most important roles of any elected official is to carefully consider how decisions and policy decisions impact safety.  These decisions impact 30,000 children. School safety is one of my passions and I am proud that I served on the Governor’s Children’s Cabinet Workgroup on School Safety.  
You can read the committees recommendations at this link.

During my tenure as a classroom teacher in SCPS, I worked with the human resources office and other stakeholders to implement a district-wide school climate survey and allow for feedback from educators to improve school climate.  Without feeling safe at school, it is not possible for students or staff to reach their fullest potential. 

Recruiting and Retaining the Best Educators

It is no secret that there is a crisis in attracting and retaining high quality teachers.  When I use the word “educator,” I am encompassing all the people who work in our school division and that is far more than just teachers.  We are struggling to keep bus drivers, nurses, and other staff.

I know first hand about teachers who have left Stafford to our surrounding counties or to other industry because of the working conditions in Stafford.  Make no mistake the school divisions where educators are valued will be the divisions that thrive in the future. This atmosphere begins with our elected school board and their commitment to supporting the work of SCPS.  There is much to celebrate in Stafford and we need to do a better job at telling the amazing ideas and efforts in our school buildings each and every day.  

Tell our story
Pay stipends for additional workload tasks
Increase opportunity for leadership roles
Increase opportunities for professional development
Additional ways to recognize the work of SCPS educators
Increase the commitment to VALUE experienced staff

Collaboration with the Board of Supervisors

As a former math teacher, I believe in solving complicated problems.  We need to improve the working relationship with the Stafford Board of Supervisors to clearly articulate the needs of the school division. 

It is no longer acceptable to allow our students to be caught in a game of political football with the SB and BOS blaming each other.  It is time to work together and commit to solving the problems that we have here in Stafford.  There is a finite amount of resources and many needs in the county so it is imperative that we have leaders that are both fiscally responsible and understand the needs of our community.

There is nothing that we cannot accomplish if we simply decide to do so. We have a growing community and we must plan for the students who will accompany that growth.  I feel we must have a person on the board who can communicate out-of-the-box ideas and lay out real plans.

I have served on the Stafford School Board Capital Improvement Committee as well as the Finance and Budget Committee. I am interested in real world solutions, and not just talking points and ideals.  I have ideas about ways to decrease expenses and increase revenue that can be used to expand services to our students. I have established relationships with many existing board members and have attended school board work sessions and meetings, as well as county meetings for over a decade. I can be ready to begin this work on day one.  My lifetime commitment to education and education policy makes me the best choice to serve as the next school board member.  

Creating Multiple Pathways for Students

The workforce of the future is changing more rapidly than any other time in history, yet our schools still look very similar to those of the industrial age.   We have a huge responsibility to recognize and develop the talents of every child. Not every child wants or has the ability to attend a four year college directly after high school.  The workforce is searching for talent and there are numerous opportunities for students that don’t leave them burdened with student debt. It is imperative that we have school board members that understand the changing needs of the workforce and the new graduation requirements that will take effect in 2022.  The Virginia profile of a graduate is changing what high school looks like. It does not just start in high school though. Students need the opportunity to explore careers in middle school.  

Through my work on the Career and Technical Advisory Committee as well as the Business Partnerships Council, I have seen first hand ways we can expand our partnerships with the business community.  

Here is the link to explore more about what the expectation are of a Virginia Graduate.

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